Blended Learning Resources

Useful Resources

OUSD Blended Learning Initiative Guide - Overview describing how Oakland Unified School District is implementing blended, personalized learning across eight school sites.

Blended Learning in Practice: Four District School Journeys - These case studies provide an ongoing update on how blended, personalized learning has been implemented in our Oakland sites. 

SRI Evaluation of the First Year of the Oakland Blended Learning Pilot  - Report by SRI International that looks at the formative development of implementing blended learning at four school sites in Oakland: Madison Park Academy, Elmhurst Community Prep, EnCompass Academy, and Korematsu Discovery Academy. Key lessons learned in the areas of technology infrastructure, the selection and use of digital content, classroom management, tools/structures that can support personalized teaching and learning, and teacher and student satisfaction are shared.

Scott Benson, a Program Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has developed the iPersonalize blog dedicated "to the vision that education should be personalized to meet the needs of every student, every day." This is a great compilation of resources, reflections and noteworthy information. Many of the items referenced below can also be found on the iPersonalize blog. 

Blended Learning Now - a daily compilation of all blended learning videos, blogs, news, and research in one place!

Blend My Learning - an active blog by 18 leading blended learning educators

Next Generation Learning Challenge  - learn from 20 new blended learning schools who received Wave III awards, and watch video presentations explaining their models

LearnSprout and Clever - Two new FREE-to-schools solutions that help solve the problem of rosters and single-sign on for multiple content providers!

EdSurge - A "yelp" of online content. Sign up and you can search content by grade, subject and other characteristics.  See what content other blended learning schools across the country are using and read reviews by educators actually using the software.

EdShelf - Another "yelp" of online content.

iPersonalize - A Blog Dedicated to the Vision that We Can Scale Personalized, Mastery-Based Learning to Every K-12 Student (running list of blended learning resources)

Ed Tech Map - Interactive "map" of curricula, instructional systems, data systems and HR systems related to blended learning.

Public Impact - 10 innovative school models that redesign schedules and teacher roles to maximize teachers and technology to increase student achievement.

CSGF - Compilation of articles and blogs on blended learning.

Khan Academy Teacher Toolkit - Resources for using Khan Academy (free) in your classroom.

Top 10 Technology Blogs for Educators

Blogs on Digital Learning by the authors of "Getting Smart - How Digital Learning is Changing the World."

Edutopia (What Works in Education) - Articles on Technology integration in the classroom

Using Technology to Connect with Families - Practical ideas to increase engagement when families have access to a computer or a smartphone


BlendedLearningNow - an overview video of blended learning

What is Blended Learning? - This video from the Learning Accelerator explores how blended learning is working in schools and highlights local Oakland school Madison Park Academy. A shorter version of the video can be found here

KIPP Empower - K-5 "classroom rotation" model in Los Angeles. (Relevant section is minutes 2:00-6:00)

Alliance BLAST - 9-12 "classroom rotation" model in Los Angeles.

Rocketship Education - K-5 "lab rotation" model in San Jose.

Los Altos Unified - 5th and 7th grade Khan Academy pilots.

Forest Lake Elementary - Differentiated instruction and formative assessment.

Bret Harte Middle School - Math students and their teacher discuss Blended Learning. 

Research, Reports & Case Studies

Case studies on five blended learning schools - MSDF is publishing in-depth case studies about 5 early blended learning schools, and will complement the case studies with quantitative analysis on student outcomes later this year. 

A Principal's Guide to Blended Learning - authored by one of our pilot principals - Charles Wilson, principal of Korematsu Discovery Academy

Unleashing the Potential of Tech in Ed (BCG) - Describes why technology in schools hasn't had the intended impact and provides a holistic "closed-loop instructional system" approach to incorporating technology in schools.

Education Reform for the Digital Era - A compilation of articles on obstacles, teachers, quality control, costs, and governance for digital learning

Innosight Institute - Short case studies of 40 blended learning schools across the country; blended learning white papers.

Blended Learning: The Convergence of Online and Face-to-Face Education - Promising Practices from the North American Council for Online Learning.

KIPP Empower Los Angeles Case Study - Documents lessons learned from the first year of blended learning implementation.

Rocketship Education SRI Research Study - One of the first research studies on how Dreambox effects student learning.

Envision Schools Case Study - Lessons learned from a summer pilot at Envision Academy in Oakland.

Blended Learning in the News

Kindergarteners Blend E-Learning, Face-to-Face Instruction - Ed Week

Data Tools Aim to Predict Student Performance - Ed Week

E-Learning for Special Populations - Ed Week - Digital learning opportunities for students with disabilities, English language learners, and at-risk students.

The Flipped Classroom - You've heard of flipping houses, what about flipping classrooms?  This school is truly thinking outside-the-box to meet the needs of their students.

Salman Khan on Liberating the Classroom for Creativity - Edutopia

Removing the Stigma from Edutainment - Do video game-like features have a place in the classroom?

Rethinking Learning - Barbara Bray worked with Madison Middle on the implementation of their 1:1 laptop program; her website has resources and blogs.

Improving Students' Attitude Towards Science Through Blended Learning - examples are at the university level, but the ideas are still relevant

Cyberlearning Research Summit

Mr. Meyer's Blog - A middle school math teacher thoughtfully reflects on the good, the bad, and the ugly of using blended learning in his classroom.

Why Blended Learning Can't Stand Still - Lexington Institute

38 Elementary and Middle Schools Worth Visiting  - Ed Week - Check it out! James Madison Middle School, a Rogers Family Foundation Blended Learning pilot site, and Aspire ERES Academy made the list of
middle schools worth visiting for their innovative use of personalized and blended learning.

What Makes Milpitas a Model for Innovation - Learn how Milpitas Public Schools launched a robust blended model in less than two years by engaging teachers in a rapid design process to reimagine the classroom.  

Stop The False Generalizations About Personalized Learning - Blog post from Michael Horn, Executive Director of Education at the Christensen Institute, that examines some misconceptions about personalized learning and frames why we can and should be excited about moving to personalized and competency-based approaches in schools. 

Beyond the Factory Model - A recent article from EducationNext takes a look at the implementation journey of blended, personalized learning across eight Oakland schools. Chronically the work over the past two years, the article includes perspectives from principals and teachers actively working to leverage blended, personalized learning to increase differentiation in classrooms to better meet the needs of their students.